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Current Inventory List
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Fairway & Rough Mowers
Toro5400DToro Reelmaster 5400DThis is a 2000 Toro Reelmaster 5400D that features...$7,900
John Deere 935John Deere 935 Deck MowerThis is a John Deere 935 72" Deck Mower with only ...$7500
Toro Reelmaster 5510Toro Reelmaster 5510This is a Toro Reelmaster 5510 with 3000hrs. It ha...19900
Toro 5500DToro Reelmaster 5500DThis is a Toro Reelmaster 5500D Diesel fairway mow...$11,500
Jacobsen LF 3800 Jacobsen LF 3800 or Jacobsen LF 3400 partsThis is a Jacobsen LF 3800 fairway mower for parts...$1
John Deere 3365 PartsJohn Deere 3365 PartsThis is a parts John Deere 3365....$1
John Deere 3235B PartsJohn Deere 3235B or 3225B PartsWe have several parts units of the John Deere 3235...$1
Toro Reelmaster 6500D PartsToro Reelmaster 6500D PartsWe have several Toro Reelmaster 6500D parts units....$1
John Deere 3235CJohn Deere 3235CThis is a 2006 John Deere 3235C Fairway Mower with...$14,900
Jacobsen LF 3800 VertJacobsen LF 3800 Verticut ReelThese are verticut reels for a Jacobsen LF 3800 Mo...$3000
Toro Reelmaster 4000DToro Reelmaster 4000D partsWe have several Toro Reelmaster 4000D that we are ...$1
Toro Reelmaster 5400DToro Reelmaster 5400D partsWe have several Toro Reelmaster 5400D that we are ...$1
Toro Reelmaster 4500DToro Reelmaster 4500D partsWe have several Toro Reelmaster 4500D that we are ...$1
Ferris IS5000Ferris IS5000 Diesel Rotary MowerThis is a Ferris IS5000 Diesel Rotary Zero Turn Mo...6900
Toro Reelmaster 5500DToro Reelmaster 5500DThis is a Toro Reelmaster 5500D with 300hrs. Have ...7900
Toro Groundsmaster 325D PartsToro Groundsmaster 325D PartsThis is a Toro Groundsmaster 325D that is for part...$1
Toro Reelmaster 6500DToro Reelmaster 6500DThis is a 2004 Toro Reelmaster 6500D with only 150...14,900
Jacobsen R-311TJacobsen R-311T Wide Area Deck MowerThis is a reconditioned Jacobsen R-311T Wide Area ...$18,900
John Deere 30" Cutting UnitJohn Deere 30" Cutting UnitThis is a NEW John Deere 30" Cutting Unit. - 7 bla...$1000
Jacobsen HR5111Jacobsen HR5111 Wide Area Deck MowerThis is a reconditioned Jacobsen HR5111 Wide Area ...$14,900
Toro ReelMaster 5410Toro Reelmaster 5410This is a 2013 Toro Reelmaster 5410 with 2000hrs. ...19,900
Lastec 100ERLastec 100ER PTO Deck MowerThis is a Lastec 100ER PTO Deck Mower. It has a 10...3900
Toro Groundsmaster 455DToro Groundsmaster 455DThis is a 2002 Toro Groundsmaster 455D with only 3...8900
Jacobson LF 3400 PartsJacobsen LF 3400 PartsThis is a Jacobsen LF 3400 Fairway Mower for parts...$1
Toro Groundsmaster 3500DToro Groundsmaster 3500D SidewinderThis is a 2011 Toro Groundsmaster 3500D with 2000h...16900
John Deere 1600John Deere 1600This is a John Deere 1600 Deck Mower with only 140...16900
John Deere 7200John Deere 7200This is a 2010 John Deere 7200 with only 1800 hrs....12900
Kubota F3060Kubota F3060 Deck MowerThis is a Kubota F3060 72" Deck Mower that is in v...8900
Toro Reelmaster 6500D 5500D Verticut ReelsToro Reelmaster 6500D 5500D Verticut ReelsThis is a Toro Reelmaster 6500D or 5500D Verticut ...$3,000
John Deere 3235 Cutting UnitsJohn Deere 3235 Cutting UnitsThis is a John Deere 3235 Cutting Unit that is in ...$3,000
Jacobsen LF3800 Cutting UnitJacobsen LF3800 Cutting UnitThis is a Jacobsen LF3800 Cutting Unit in good con...$3,000
John Deere 3235A Cutting UnitsJohn Deere 3235A Cutting UnitsThis is a John Deere 3235A Cutting Unit that is in...$2,000
Trim Mowers
Toro 3100DToro Reelmaster 3100D SidewinderThis is a 2005 Toro Reelmaster 3100D Sidewinder wi...$10,900
Toro Reelmaster 3100 Cutting UnitsToro Reelmaster 3100D Cutting UnitsThis is a RECONDITIONED Toro Reelmaster 3100D 27" ...$4,000
John Deere 2653 PartsJohn Deere 2653 PartsHave several John Deere 2653 units both diesel and...$1
John Deere 2653AJohn Deere 2653AThis is a JOhn Deere 2653A with only 1600hrs. It h...$7,900
Jacobsen TriKing 1900DJacobsen TriKing 1900D PartsWe have several Jacobsen Triking 1900D parts units...$1
John Deere 2653BJohn Deere 2653BThis is a 2006 John Deere 2653B with 1400hrs. (3 o...9900
Toro 3100D partsToro Reelmaster 3100D partsWe have several Toro Reelmaster 3100D that we are ...$1
Toro Reelmaster 2600DToro Reelmaster 2600D partsWe have several Toro Reelmaster 2600D that we are ...$1
National 8400National 8400 MowerThis is a National 8400 trim mower that has 1800hr...$1900
John Deere 2653 Cutting UnitJohn Deere 2653 Cutting UnitThis is a John Deere 2653 Cutting Unit that is in ...$3,000
Greens Mowers
ToroGR1000_11Toro GR 1000 Walk Behind This is a 2004 Toro GR 1000 Walk Behind. It featur...$2,900
flex 21Toro Flex 21This 2007 Toro Flex21 is the leading walking green...$3,500
Toro Verticut ReelsToro Greensmower Verticut ReelsThis is a set of Toro Greensmower Verticut Reels. ...$4,500
Toro 3100 partsToro Greensmaster 3100 partsHave several Toro Greensmaster 3100 that we are pa...$1
Toro Bell TrailerToro Greensmower Bell TrailerThis is a Bell Trailer for GR 1000. This unit is d...450
Toro Trans Pro 100Toro Trans Pro 100 TrailerThis is a Toro Trans Pro 100 walking greens mower ...750
Toro Flex 21Toro Flex 21We have several Toro Flex 21 walking greens mowers...2000
John Deere 22 TrailerJohn Deere 22 TrailerThis is a John Deere 22 Trailer that is in good co...$450
John Deere 2500 PartsJohn Deere 2500 PartsWe have several John Deere 2500 parts units....$1
Jacobsen GreensKing V 1962DJacobsen GreensKing V 1962DWe have several parts units of the Jacobsen Greens...$1
Toro GreensMaster 3100 Parts Toro Greensmaster 3100 partsWe have several Toro GreensMaster 3100 for parts....$1
Toro Greensmaster 3250DToro Greensmaster 3250D partsWe have several Toro Greensmaster 3250D that we ar...$1
Toro Flex 2100Toro Flex 2100This is a lease return 2013 Toro Flex 2100 walking...3900
Toro Spiker ReelsToro Greensmaster Spiker ReelsThese are Toro Spiker Reels for any Toro Greensmow...$2,000
John Deere 220A Walking GreensmowersJohn Deere 220A Walking Greens MowerThis is a John Deere 220A Walking Greens mower tha...$3,000
Jacobsen Walking Greens MowersJacobsen Walking Greens MowersWe have lots of Jacobsen Walking Greens Mowers. Ca...$2000
Jacobsen GreensKing IV Verticut ReelJacobsen GreensKing IV Verticut Reels This is a Jacobsen GreenKing IV Verticut Reel that...$1,500
Jacobsen GreensKing 1862G PartsJacobsen GreensKing 1862G PartsJacobsen GreensKing 1862G for parts. We have 4 of ...$1
Toro Greensmaster Tri RollersToro Greensmaster Tri RollersThis is a Toro Greensmaster Tri Roller Kit for any...$3,000
Toro Grensmaster Verticut ReelsToro Greensmaster Verticut ReelsThis is a Toro Greensmaster Verticut Reels with Ca...$3,000
John Deere 2243 Verticut ReelsJohn Deere 2243 Verticut ReelsJohn Deere 2243 Verticut Reels with Carbide tips t...$1500
John Deere 2243 greens mowerJohn Deere 2243 greens mowerThis is a John Deere 2243 greens mower with 3000hr...$3,900
Toro Roller Spiker ReelsToro Roller Spiker ReelsThis is a set of Toro Roller Spiker Reels for any ...$3,000
Tru Turf RollnSlice 66Tru Turf RollnSlice 66This is a set of 3 Tru Turf RollnSlice 66 that are...$2,400
Jacobsen Green King IV Cutting UnitJacobsen Green King IV Cutting UnitThis is a Jacobsen Greens King IV 9 blade cutting ...$1,800
Utility Vehicles
Club Car 4 PassengerClub Car 4 PassengerThis is a reconditioned Club Car 4 Passenger with ...3500
Club Car PartsClub Car Carryall Turf II PartsWe have several Club Car Carryall 1 & 2 along with...$1
Toro Workman 3200Toro Workman 3200 partsWe have several Toro Workman 3200 that we are part...$1
Toro Workman HDXToro Workman HDXThis is a 2011 Toro Workman HDX with only 2000hrs....$12,500
Club Car Turf 2Club Car Turf 2This is a 2008 Club Car Turf 2 with only 1100hrs. ...$4,200
Club Car Turf 1Club Car Turf 1This is a 2013 lease return Club Car Turf 1 with o...4500
Toro Workman 2110Toro Workman 2110This is a Toro Workman 2110. We have 10 units that...1900
Yamaha BlackYamaha Electric Golf CartThis is a Yamaha Electric Cart with good batteries...4900
Custshman Truckster PartsCushman Truckster PartsWe have several Cushman Trucksters for parts. Olde...$1
EZGO BedEZGO BedWe have 2 NEW EZGO Beds that fits a Workhorse or E...$500
John Deere Pro Gator BedJohn Deere Pro Gator BedThis is a John Deere Pro Gator Bed that was taken ...$1,000
EZGO Beverage CartEZGO Beverage CartThis is an EZGO Beverage Cart that is in very good...$4,000
Toro Workman 3200 -2Toro Workman 3300This is a 2005 Toro Workman 3300 with only 1873hrs...$11,900
EZGO TXT Ranger PickerEZGO TXT Ranger PickerThis is an EZGO TXT Ranger Picker that is in good ...2900
General Irrigation Equipment
We are sorry. There are not any items currently listed under this item category.
Miscellaneous Equipment
Toro 2300Toro 2300 Top Dresser pull behind / Turfco MetermaThis is a Toro 2300 Pull Behind Top Dresser. It ha...$6,500
John Deere 1200AJohn Deere 1200A Bunker or Infield RakeThis is a RECONDITIONED John Deere 1200A. It featu...$7,500
Lely Spreader 1200Lely Spreader 1200This is a Lely Spreader 1200 that has been recondi...$4500
Lely 1250 SpreaderLely Spreader HRThis is a 3 PT Lely HR Spreader that has been reco...$3,500
Toro 106-6355Toro Part# 106-6355 replacement Quality Verticut BThese are QUALITY Verticut Blades Hardened with Ca...9.99
Toro 106-5422Toro Part# 106-5422 replacement Quality Verticut BThese are QUALITY Verticut Blades Hardened with Ca...9.99
Toro 119-1128Toro Part# 119-1128 replacement Quality Verticut BThese are QUALITY Verticut Blades Hardened with Ca...9.99
Vertidrain 7007Vertidrain 7007 Riding Aerator PartsThis is a Vertidrain 7007 riding aerator for parts...$1
Blec CombinatorBlec Combinator GKB 200 This is a 2013 Blec Combinator (72") that will sod...$27,900
John Deere PartsJohn Deere PartsWe are parting out the following John Deere Equipm...$1
Tycrop LiftTyCrop Lift & Tow CaddyThis is a Tycrop lift & tow caddie for loading att...750
Bobcat SeederBobcat Seeder 72 SDRThis is a Bobcat Seeder 72 SDR that is in like new...6000
Landpride APS1548Landpride APS1548 Seeder SpikerThis is a Landpride APD1548 Seeder Spiker that is ...$4,900
Turfco Metermatic IIITurfco Metermatic III - FD12This is a reconditioned Turfco Metermatic III FD12...6900
Toro 106-8625Toro Part# 106-8625 replacement Quality Verticut BThese are QUALITY Verticut Blades Hardened with Ca...9.99
Toro 117-6824Toro Part# 117-6824 replacement Quality Verticut BThese are QUALITY Verticut Blades Hardened with Ca...9.99
Toro 82-3070-03Toro Part# 82-3070-03 replacement Quality VerticutThese are QUALITY Verticut Blades Hardened with Ca...19.95
John Deere MT6987 Part# MT6987 replacement Quality Verticut BladesThese are QUALITY Verticut Blades Hardened with Ca...15.95
Turfco 1530 Wide Spin Turfco 1530 Wide Spin Top DresserThis is a Turfco 1530 Wide Spin top dresser that i...6900
Turfco SP 1530 Top DresserTurfco SP 1530 Top DresserWe have a Turfco SP 1530 Top Dresser. It is bed mo...$5,500
Vicon SpreaderVicon SpreaderWe have a couple of Vicon Spreaders. The Toro Vico...$1,000
Ty Crop Cross ConveyorTyCrop MH400 Cross Conveyor with Swivel This is a Ty Crop MH400 Cross Conveyor and include...$2,500
Cushman TD1500 Top DresserCushman TD1500 Top DresserThis is a Cushman TD1500 Top Dresser that fit on a...$2,900
Kubota Diesel Engine 2203Kubota 2203 Diesel EngineThis is a NEW Kubota Diesel Engine 2203. ...$4,900
TIP Seeder AeratorTIP Seeder AeratorThis is a TIP Seeder Aerator. It had very little u...$3,500
Jacobsen 3800 ReelJacobsen LF 3800 ReelThis is a Jacobsen LF 3800 reel. We have 2 sets of...$2,500
Jacobsen 3810 Verticut ReelJacobsen 3810 Verticut ReelThis is a Jacobsen 3810 Verticut Reel. We have a s...$2,000
Jacobsen GrensKing IV Verticut ReelsJacobsen GreensKing IV Verticut ReelsWe have 2 sets of 3 Jacobsen GreensKing IV Verticu...$1,500
Toro PartsToro PartsWe are parting out the following Toro units. Workm...$1
TyCrop Propass 180TyCrop Propass 180This is a TyCrop Propass 180 that is mounted on a ...$7900
Land Pride VertLand Pride Gravely Bush Hog Locke Verticut BladesThese are QUALITY Verticut Blades Hardened with Ca...12.49
Graden GS04 VerticutGraden GS04 Verticut Blade #0048These are QUALITY Verticut Blades Hardened with Ca...21.95
John Deere 3235 ReelsJohn Deere 3235 ReelsThis is a John Deere 3235 Reel that is in good con...$3,500
John Deere 3365 Verticut ReelsJohn Deere 30" Verticut ReelsThis is a set of 5 John Deere 3365 Veeticut Reels ...$3,000
John Deere 3235 Verticut ReelsJohn Deere 3235 Verticut ReelsThis is a set of 5 John Deere 3235 Verticut Reels....$4,000
Toro GreensMaster ReelToro Greensmaster Cutting UnitThis is a old style SPA Toro Greensmaster Reel. Th...$1,200
Toro Reelmaster 3100D ReelToro Reelmaster 3100D Cutting UnitThis is a Toro Reelmaster 3100D 27" Reel. Set of 3...$2,400
Toro Reelmaster 4000D ReelsToro Reelmaster 4000D ReelsThis is a Toro Reelmaster 4000D Reel. We have 3 se...$3,000
Toro Reelmaster 4000D Verticut ReelsToro Reelmaster 4000D Verticut ReelsThis is a Toro Reelmaster 4000D Verticut Reels. We...$5000
Beverage CartBeverage Cart CaddieThis is a stainless steel beverage cart that will ...$600
Toro Greensmaster 3250D ReelToro Greensmaster 3250D ReelThis is a Toro Greensmaster 3250D Reel. We have se...$2,500
Kubota Diesel Engine V1505-TKubota V1505-T Diesel EngineThis is a Kubota V1505-T Diesel Engine with only 1...$2,500
SISIS F36560SISIS Veemo Verticut Blades F36560This is a replacement blade or tine for a SISIS Ve...29.99
Case 30 Riding TrencherCase 30 Riding TrencherThis is a Case 30 Riding Trencher. It has low hour...$11,500
STEC PartsSTEC PartsPlease call us for quote on any STEC Parts....$1
Gearmore PTB-560Gearmore PTB-560 SpreaderThis is a NEW Gearmore PTB-560 Spreader. ...$3,250
Tilt TrailerTilt TrailerThis is a utility tilt trailer that is in very goo...2250
Sulfer BurnerSulfer BurnerThis is a Sulfer Burners that is NON electric and ...$2,900
Adams Dump TrialerAdams Dump TrailerThis is an Adams Dump Trailer. It features hydraul...$4,500
Cushman TD2000Cushman TD2000 Top DresserThis is a Cushman TD2000 that is in good condition...$4,900
Terratopper T-750Terratopper T-750This is a Terratopper T-750 broadcast top dresser....$3,900
BLEC BV 180 TillerBLEC BV180 TillerThis is a BLEC BV180 Reverse Tiller that is in goo...$15,900
Cushman SpraytekCushman Spraytek 175This is a Cushman Spraytek with 175 gallon low pro...4,900
Sub Air Water SeparatorSub Air Water SeparatorThis is a Sub Air Water Separator that works in co...$1,200
SISIS 3 Point HitchSISIS 3 Point HitchThis is a SISIS 3 Point Hitch for a Toro Workman....$2,500
John Deere 49 BackhoeJohn Deere 49 BackhoeThis is a John Deere 49 Backhoe that is a pull beh...4500
Jacobsen PartsJacobsen PartsWe are parting out he following Jacobsen units: GK...$1
Koro BladesKoro or Blec or Stec Field Top Maker BladesThis is a LH & RH blade for a KORO Field Top Maker...$8
Tru Turf RollerTru Turf Greens RollerThis is a Tru-Turf Greens Roller Model # RS48-11C ...$7,900
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